I am a woman of colour on her own trauma healing journey, ready to support, hear, validate and help spiritual people step into their true selves so they can share their gifts with the world

Join me in finding your healing so you can live a life feeling healthier, connected to yourself and in relationships with others! 

I see a world in which people become their

 confident, healthy and embodied





As an empath myself, I love:

Seeing others connect more deeply to themselves, to others and to something larger. 

Walking with others in their healing journey as I know it can be lonely navigating trauma and chronic health illnesses.  

Supporting other empaths and wounded healers to discern their own skin and boundaries, yet continue to use their gifts.

Avdeep is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner and HeartMath Coach. She offers Touch Work (body work) based on Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) and the Tao of Trauma. In addition, she brings a unique blend of deep listening and intuition to support clients in their healing process.  

Avdeep helps clients work through early childhood and relational traumas including emotional, physical, sexual abuse and/or neglect. She supports clients that have adult-onset chronic health conditions, which are often rooted in early life trauma(s).  

After spending years struggling with chronic fatigue and pain with no medical reasons given at the time, she came to the realization that much of it was stemming from unresolved trauma and the related emotions.

Through her personal and professional journey, she recognizes the power of safety, non-judgement, self-expression, connection with others, release of suppressed emotions, embodiment and nervous system regulation in health and healing. The approaches Avdeep learnt along this path have now become her gift and way for supporting others. She brings a unique blend of approaches and inner knowing in her work with others. She is passionate about working with others on similar journeys.

Avdeep believes in the mind-body-spirit connection. She understands that chronic stress and trauma can affect your health, and that your body has an innate capacity to heal too, when given the right support. Trauma and spirituality are highly connected and as Peter Levine (creator of SE™) says, healing trauma can be a “catalyst for profound awakening – a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation”.
Avdeep is a Sikh woman who immigrated from Kenya, East Africa to Canada in her teenage years. She loves being in nature and enjoys her daily tai chi and meditation practices. These support her personally and in her work with others.