Being able to feel


Safe connections

-Bessel van der Kolk

with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health.

are fundamental to meaningful and satisfying lives.

I knew something was off but couldn’t put my finger on what it was and even when I could point to a painful memory, I was stuck in my head thinking about things. I knew that I needed to connect with my feelings, my body and the repressed traumas. Working with Avdeep as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) over the course of a year allowed me to do that and begin going deeper into my spiritual healing journey.

She helped me to really slow down and feel into my body. She is gifted at holding space and providing the right prompts and exercises to tap into your own knowing and the wisdom of your body. This has translated in my ability to now name what I’m feeling and fully experience it which was very difficult for me before; recognize when I’m out of alignment in a moment and be able to create boundaries including saying no when something doesn’t feel right.

Additionally working with a brown SEP provided a level of safety and shared understanding that deepened our connection and created a sense of safety when delving into sensitive topics such as trauma from racism. I feel incredibly grateful to have worked with Avdeep and for the critical life skills and connection to self I was able to develop that will serve me, my child / family and community.

- Gurpreet (Toronto, Canada)

Between starting a full-time job, pursuing graduate school and dealing with the remnants of a personally difficult year, I found myself feeling simply overwhelmed. My self-confidence had taken a blow, I felt weighed down by my past experiences and unprepared to adequately cope with the many emotional demands this new phase of my life had brought. I finally reached out to Avdeep after she was recommended to me by a friend, and it truly was one of the best self-care decisions I have made for myself this year.

In each session, Avdeep guided me in altering negative perceptions of myself through empathetic counselling that inspired self-reflection and introspection. To reconcile past difficult experiences, she incorporated ‘visual journeys,’ in our sessions, a creative way to revisit and reconstruct harsh narratives I had created for myself that required the use of my imagination as well as various mental exercises. At the end of every session, Avdeep assigned meaningful work for me to practice for the week, empowering me to play an active role in my own healing process. I found that our sessions struck a great balance between adopting a serious tone to deal with difficult issues, while still remaining enjoyable and pleasant. Avdeep is truly a gifted and skilled therapist, and I am grateful to have had her guide me through this journey of self-care and betterment.

-Sarah (Toronto, Canada)

When I first met Avdeep, I was intrigued by her intuitions about me, my feelings and my life. Although I am a mental health worker for others, I immediately decided to book a few sessions with her to understand her work. My intuition told me that she would provide a unique, spiritual experience, one that could enrich my own work. I was right! Avdeep worked with me to explore parts of myself that I was struggling with. She used techniques that enabled me to articulate exactly what my issues where and to bring them forward and confront them in a healing, non-judgmental way. In particular, she helped me to reconcile a deep, longstanding belief that I could not be whole without being perfect. Through my spiritual work with Avdeep, I came to a place of deep self-acceptance, where I truly believed that no matter what I did or brought into my life, I could still be worthy and whole. I was shocked at this outcome. I had seen other tremendously experienced guides and helpers throughout my life who were unable to help me to unearth and address issues in the way that Avdeep did. I am ever grateful for my sessions with her; they have transformed me.

-Mary (Ontario, Canada)

Every time I speak with Avdeep, I feel as if she is seeing into my soul. I have both seen her as a client myself and have had patients of mine benefit from her unique repertory of skills. As a health care provider, I experience a great deal of stress and often find myself locked in a battle with my own negative inner voice; when working with Avdeep, I am the most resilient and confident version of myself. In a compassionate manner, Avdeep helps clarify what you are most yearning for in your life and helps you to untangle the knots of pain and hurt that many of us have buried for decades. Her approach is gentle, empathetic and empowering. It’s time to stop holding yourself back. If you want to truly take your healing to a deeper level, Avdeep can help you navigate such a worthwhile journey.

-Hillary (Toronto, Canada)

To experience a session or treatment with Avdeep is to experience a real gift. She has a natural talent when it
comes to the use of language to heal that goes beyond the official tools she uses and taps into her beautiful way of being present. She picks up on the things you say or don’t say and guides you gently to find healing on whatever topic you’re working on. While she’ll encourage you dig deep on troubling topics and look for the pieces of it that want attention, she will do this with a beautiful loving presence that lets you know you are completely safe and cared for. There is no judgment, only her healing magic. Thank you, Avdeep, for the gift of experiencing a treatment with you! I feel honoured! And I’ve had some powerful realizations on a deep topic that may have taken my lifetime to realize without your help!

-Joanna (United Kingdom)