Somatic Experiencing

I lived most of my life following the “shoulds”. What my parents told me I should do. How I should be as an East-Indian girl and then a woman. How a daughter-in-law should be. And so forth. All handed down from their parents and parents before. No blame. Simply understanding, awareness and growth. I went […]

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The Exhaustion from Living up to All the “Shoulds”

I attended a training on Somatic Experiencing recently and was profoundly touched by how our nervous system longs for human connection. Safe human connection is in fact what helps us regulate our nervous system. It helps us know that there is no real threat, we are safe and don’t need to jump into or remain […]

Emotional awareness, Emotional Health, Emotional self-regulation, Self-compassion, somatic, Somatic Experiencing, Trauma

Connection & the Nervous System