I lived most of my life following the “shoulds”. What my parents told me I should do. How I should be as an East-Indian girl and then a woman. How a daughter-in-law should be. And so forth. All handed down from their parents and parents before. No blame. Simply understanding, awareness and growth. I went […]

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The Exhaustion from Living up to All the “Shoulds”

Research from the Institute of HeartMath found that when 3 participants (out of 4 who were seated together) were trained and used a HeartMath technique – their level of coherence affected the 4th persons coherence (the one who was NOT using the HeartMath technique!). Coherence is an optimal state of functioning and is the key […]

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Understanding the Power of the Heart

I attended a training on Somatic Experiencing recently and was profoundly touched by how our nervous system longs for human connection. Safe human connection is in fact what helps us regulate our nervous system. It helps us know that there is no real threat, we are safe and don’t need to jump into or remain […]

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Connection & the Nervous System


I am passionate in working with clients around emotions – emotional awareness, self-regulation and release. I also love educating clients on how emotions are our biggest unnecessary DRAIN and how it affects our physiology!! It’s all about awareness, right? Only then can we make changes. Hans Selye writes in The Stress of Life: “All stressors […]

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Stress & Emotions

Christmas and the holidays can bring up a lot around personal boundaries, right? Unconsciously you definitely know when boundaries are being broken – you start to feel angry, irritable, or just feel off yet you can’t put your finger on why. And it’s often when you haven’t spoken up for yourself. It is such a […]

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My intention is to share, inspire, educate and help others understand trauma. And to help others move through trauma so they can live a more meaningful life.   Let me begin by saying trauma doesn’t have to mean the Big “T” trauma e.g. war, rape etc.   Did you know that even an administrative staff […]

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Bringing Awareness to Trauma